Kitchen remodel is nearing completion!!!!

For friends who have been following the blog, sorry I’ve been lax about updating it. In the last 6 weeks a lot has been going on in our kitchen. There are obviously some details yet to complete, but I wanted to share this update with you.

As you’ll note, I’m not the greatest at BEFORE photos – I know I have some, but I couldn’t find any – so you’ll just get to enjoy some Parker photos while noting our kitchen before: 1. the dark cupboards; 2. the laminate counter tops; 3. the laminate floors.

So far this is what we’ve done: I’ve painted the cupboards, our contractor, Joe Meyer painted the doors, and hung them last night!!!! One thing good about living with no cupboard doors for almost a month (because I was a slow painter) is I cleaned out my cupboards and somehow found room to store everything, so once we’re done with the remodel, it’s my hope to have clean and clear counter tops.

The quartzite counters were installed last week as was the undermount sink and new facet. 

Shon pulled up the laminate floors and yesterday the first sanding was applied to the wood floors underneath – aren’t they stunning!!!! Now all we have left is replacing the huge chandelier with a fixture which matches the others on our main floor, installing the peninsula, painting the walls, installing the subway tile backsplash and painting the trim – I hope it’s all done by the end of July! I’ll keep you posted!