Although I am an avid attendee of many estate and rummage sales, as an adult I’ve never hosted one until today. The reason? I LOVE my weekends and enjoy spending them doing things I enjoy, Parker enjoys or Shon enjoys – not selling our cast offs. However, when my friend Katrina mentioned that she was having an estate sale of her husband’s grandma’s things, my ears perked up.

Most of the items I’ve contributed to the yardsale are on their way to Goodwill. However, the estate items Katrina and her husband are selling will be the “talk” of Sioux Falls junkers for at least a year.

Her husband, Chad’s grandparents owned a Dollar store, a Ben Franklin and held onto nice and unique items and kept them in pristine condition. As I helped Katrina set up it was like touring the coolest antique store – toys still in boxes, beautiful glassware, TONS of South Dakota souvenir kitsch, and random items you just don’t see – like ledgers from the 1800s, a salesman’s model toolkit, a 1892 program from the Republican National Convention (Which I did purchase for my brother.)

When my husband, Shon, arrived at the sale, he kept saying,”this is the sale everyone will be talking about” – Kind of like an auction we attended in our neighborhood 5 or more years ago now. It was of one of Shon’s friends, an elderly gentleman who used to work at KELO, and passed away in his 90s. He held onto everything as well, and to this day, when we visit with some of our friends who also attended, we reference favorite items we purchased at his sale – my favorite is a round cooler painted in plaid.