Lura Roti freelance writer specializing in agricultural journalism

Hi, I’m Lura Roti, an Agricultural Journalist who enjoys working with the individuals, businesses and organizations who make up the industry of agriculture.

Whether I’m writing features, editing in-depth, technical articles or developing a PR campaign, I’m passionate about the people, science and products that feed our world.

Working in all media platforms: print, digital, radio, TV and social, I enjoy sharing the story of agriculture and rural South Dakota.

Check Out My Work:

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“I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds – achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.” – Excerpt from FFA Creed by E.M. Tiffany