Month: February 2013

In one weekend Shon and I removed everything that took us seven years to accumulate and store in our basement. Monday night, small sledge hammer in hand, Shon began demolition.

I took a few swings and boy did it feel good!

Even though our loan processing will probably take about 40 days to complete, we decided that since we’re pre-qualified, and there is a high chance we’ll receive the loan, we’d better get a start on the demo so our contractor can begin the minute we close on the loan.

This loan is a FHA 203K. The great thing about the loan is the paperwork includes a lot of protection for both the homeowner and the contractors. However, because it is a federal loan, it will take about 40 days before we can close. We’re working with our good friend, Craig Markhardt with Advana Mortgage. Since we’ve worked with him before, the process is pretty painless – and he puts up with me checking in with him frequently.

Now that there is nothing in our basement and the random walls are coming down, it is much easier to envision what the finished space will look like. Also, the enormity of the project becomes more of a reality. Since we’re doing the demo, removing the paint from the granite walls and concrete floor ourselves to save money, both of us recognize we won’t have much free time for a few months.

If you have any tips on paint removal, send them my way! 

In 2013 I’m trying to come up with more creative crafts to do with a 2-year-old. Parker loves this!

Resetting Resolutions

I’m a planner. I love nothing more than making lists and crossing accomplished tasks off those lists. Which is why every New Year’s, I look forward to setting resolutions.

Jan. 1 my list looked something like this:

  1. Be a fun mom 
  2. Workout four days a week
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  4. Read one book a month
  5. Start using Twitter & blog regularly
  6. Provide the best customer service possible to clients

The first three weeks in January I was off to a good start. Then influenza struck and life went into survival mode – which means care for Parker, meet deadlines and go to bed (did I mention my husband was out of town for work for a week during this time!)

So, now that I have my energy back, I’ve resolved to reset my resolutions. Therefore, I’ll be blogging on a regular basis. I’m eager to hear feedback from readers about your life and finds.

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