My home office doubles as my sewing room. A small, closet serves to store most of my sewing supplies, extra fabric and a couple bins of filled with news articles I’ve written over the years and photos waiting for albums.

The closet is a disaster! Filled to the brim, each time I open the door for a spool of thread, I put my head or toes in danger of falling objects. So, I’ve been on the lookout for a dresser that could handle some sewing/craft overflow. And, the other day the perfect dresser showed up in my inbox.

My friend, Joe Tlustos, has a side hobby of finding treasures at great prices and reselling them. He was having an end of the season sale, and sent me a photo of this dresser. It is perfect.

When Joe arrived with the dresser he shared some of his furniture clean up magic tricks with us.

First he went over the entire dresser with fine steel wool and Howard Restore & Finish. He wiped the dresser down and then applied a finish of Howard Feed & Wax – both available at Home Depot.

The dresser was beautiful before, now it’s perfect! AND my office/sewing room is organized!!!!