Parker watering flowers outside her dryer box play house.

As Parker matures, one thing becomes quite clear – she imitates us. From her mannerisms to the words she uses and the storylines of her pretend play (if Parker is awake, she is talking, so it’s easy to know what she’s thinking about when she’s playing).

Since we’ve been in the middle of a remodel since early March – and it has been the non-stop topic of conversation between us and our friends – it has also become a topic of conversation for Parker – which is quite funny. This became even more apparent when we made her second cardboard playhouse.

We picked up her first dryer-box playhouse at Mahlander’s – making the lighting and appliance store Parker’s favorite retailer in town. Every time we drive past on our way to the Main Library, she says, “There’s Mahlander’s,” or “I want to go to Mahlander’s!”

Her first playhouse was re-recycled over Easter. We finally got a new box from Karl’s on Sunday and while I fixed supper, Shon cut windows and doors. While he was doing that, Parker walked circles around the box saying, “This is my dining room, this is my living room, this is my pantry, this is my kitchen, here is my front door and I want to paint this color on my walls.”

Hmmm – sounds like the makings of an interior designer?