Shon and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, and it’s going to be a BIG gathering of about 20. I’m really looking forward to the time with his family as well as preparing the meal together with Shon.

As far as I’m concerned, getting ready for any party is almost as fun as the party itself. I really enjoy the planning process, meal prep and decorating the table!

A few nights ago I planned the tablescape for our group – it involves burlap, lights and paper-mache letters and candles. I knew I needed something short enough to visit over, but long enough to decorate the three banquet tables we’ll push together so everyone can sit together – so I opted for the words “Give Thanks.”

They’re made from inexpensive paper-mache letters I found at Hobby Lobby and then spray painted copper and gold. Right now I’m enjoying them on my dining room sideboard.