The weekend before Christmas, Shon, Parker and I have a tradition of antiquing. It’s a fun way to spend a day together and sometimes it’s during these trips that we find the perfect gift.

We like to change things up each year and visit antique shops in small towns near Sioux Falls. This year we chose Lennox. The two shops we visited were really unique and the shop owners super great!

In the basement of one antique shop we found both of Parker’s “Santa” gifts – a wrist watch and an airplane; and we found an unexpected gift for a friend of ours – old 78 records – the type that play on antique gramophones.

I’d never really given them much thought, only I had just visited this friend’s home and she mentioned that only foreign records came with the antique gramophone she and her husband purchased in Spain a few years ago. They were only a $1 so I picked a few up and dropped them off before Christmas. I can’t wait to hear if they worked!

What I love is the way that Edison’s face is engraved in the center of the record.