Because so many people take time off over the holidays, as a freelance journalist I’ve found that taking the week off between Christmas Eve & New Years it is a convenient time for most of my clients and it gives Judy, who watches Parker each day while I work, a much deserved break that is long enough for her to visit her family who mostly live in western South Dakota.

The staycation with Parker has been so much fun AND I’ve realized that my creative juices have really been flowing into some holiday crafts since my brain hasn’t been busy with work.

I made a Pintrest inspired book-page wreath – super easy and because I bought the paperback I used, the ribbon and wreath foam at a thrift shop, my entire project cost about $2 – plus I had left over supplies to send home with a friend! Then I made Parker’s baby doll – Abby – Christmas PJs to match the night gown I made Parker earlier this month.

It was fun to exercise my crafty muscles over break and I hope to do more in 2014!