We Bought a Couch!

The hunt for a Mid Century couch is over! I connected with the owners of Modtro, a downtown vintage store which opens its doors each month for a sale, and they sold me this great sofa and chair that I’m going to add to the list of items that need upholstered.

Speaking of upholstery – I found a great upholsterer in Tea through word-of-mouth and by seeing his work first hand. Kevin the owner of K-Kraft. Now, the big challenge will be selecting the right fabric and getting it for the right price.

Selecting a fabric that both Shon and I agree on, is a difficult task which contains many challenges. First, there are limitless options. Second, Shon and I don’t agree on our favorites – which in its own way is quite limiting. And third, many times my favorite option is out of my budget – again limiting (so why am I complaining about limitless options!) Because, even with limitless options, I have not fallen in love with any that are within budget and Shon and I both agree upon.

For this couch, however, I found some charcoal grey wool for only $5/yard, AND Shon likes it too! So, it’s a win-win. Kevin this couch will be coming your way soon.