I found my first official piece of McCoy pottery this week at a local thrift shop! It was priced at 1.50, but because they were having a half price sale I got it for .75 cents! I’m very excited.

Initially I was looking for a pretty, white pottery plant pot to house a plant in our kitchen. As i was looking I saw this small urn. I thought it looked special, then when I turned it over over and saw “MCP USA” on the bottom I thought, “this might be a McCoy???”

When I got home and looked it up, sure enough it was!

I’ve found other pottery in the past that I thought could be McCoy – and it may be, but it wasn’t marked, which an antique dealer told me many pieces aren’t – But the challenge, this same dealer told me, is that at the same time that McCoy was making pottery, a lot of other companies were making pieces that looked like McCoy – hence, this dealer said the phrase “the real McCoy” came about. (Believable, but I’m not certain of this fact.)

Anyway, it pays to dig, hunt and look!

Happy Hunting!