Each day it’s the little items we’ve collected over time that make the Roti household function more efficiently.

Not that I give storage baskets, toasters, toy boxes and stools a lot of thought on a daily basis – but today it dawned on me, that if it weren’t for an antique children’s chair in our bathroom, I’d still have to stop whatever I’m doing to help my 3-year-old wash her hands each time she goes potty.

And, since she’s been using the potty on her own for quite some time now, without this blue chair my mom gave to Parker this June, there be several more interruptions throughout the day for either her babysitter or me.

Another find that makes life with a toddler easier, is her large toy box. I found it at a rummage sale years before I even thought about becoming a mother. Before Parker’s toys, it held interview files. In my early years as a journalist I used to save all notes from every source I ever interviewed for every story I ever wrote – a habit I gave up years ago to free up space.

And, because these items are vintage, they not only do a great job of making life easier, but they look good doing it!