A good friend and I like to frequent Hidden Treasure estate sales together. Once in a blue moon, we will secure babysitters and take an hour away from work and mommy responsibilities to enjoy some girl talk and hunt for treasures.

We both have a habit of picking up gifts for friends and family while we’re shopping and a sale in late November was no exception. I found two great gifts for my husband, Shon, whose birthday was Dec. 5.

A book of riddles and a fake black widow spider (isn’t the art on the card that holds the spider stick pin great!)

After I gave him the book of riddles, Shon read through several out loud. We quickly realized that the book was put together at least before 1920 and many of the jokes were over our heads because they were no longer relevant to our generation. For example one riddle which referenced a 6-day work week made us recall a little history on the fact that it wasn’t until the early 1920s that a five-day work week was established by Henry Ford.

“Which day is the strongest?”

“Sunday, because the rest are weekdays.”

History, and guessing who owned the item before me, is something I love about finding vintage gifts or receiving them.

I’d guess the previous owner of these two items, like my husband, had a good sense of humor.