Best 2016 Christmas Finds




Shopping year-round for gifts at estate sales, thrift shops and local retailers makes for fun and easy holiday gift-giving. These are some of my favorite finds for the 2016 Christmas season.



inside graphics

Books are always a win among my family. My husband, Shon is really into dictionaries – so when I found this complete set of vintage DIY dictionaries at an estate sale this summer (not to mention on the half-off day!) I snapped them up. Along with useful information, the books also feature fun graphics – also a win with Shon who is a graphic designer.

Little guy

A friend of mine collects small wooden Christmas tree ornaments.  I think she will love this little man. Maybe not as much as my daughter, Parker, will love the large collection of Barbie paper dolls, circa 1990s that I discovered when going through some tubs in our basement this summer. They were mine . And although I don’t know who is getting the horn – it will make a great accessory when supporting our favorite teams!