Once I set our new ottoman in the parlor, it really pulled the seating area together – but I decided it needed a tray of sorts so that people could set their drinks on it if they chose/and I’d seen several in decor magazines with trays and liked the look.

I had seen just the perfect tray just a week ago at St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop – an oval silver tray with a short lip. When I saw it I thought it was pretty, but didn’t need it so I didn’t purchase it. A week later when I went to buy it, of course it was gone.

So, Parker and I decided to make a trek around the store to see if there were any other silver plated trays – what we found wasn’t a tray, but a silver serving dish to add pizzazz to a casserole dish. It was only $4, so I thought if my idea didn’t work, I’m not breaking the bank. I took it to ACE and they cut a piece of Plexy glass for only $3.88 to fit. Voila` a beautiful tray for $8!