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I love historical buildings. Downtown Sioux Falls is host to some amazing buildings, and this week I get to read files on seven found on Phillips Ave and write a brief summary of each that will be used in an upcoming Walking Tour brochure.

I’m among a group of volunteer writers who are also fellow members of the Board of Historic Preservation – I just finished writing a short blurb on the State Theatre. It was fun to learn more about a building I admire almost daily.

Some interesting tidbits: It was built by Henry Carlson, the same contractor who built other major buildings in Sioux Falls, including Washington High School (Now the Washington Pavilion, where my daughter, Parker recently attended two years of pre-school.) It is downtown’s grandest and largest theater and was owned by Finkelstein and Ruben, a national theater circuit. It happened to be one of the largest theaters owned by the national chains.

Tomorrow I get to learn about the Page-Jewett Motor Co. building (now home to Duluth Trading Company).

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