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Art Deco Light: A Finished Update in an Unfinished Hall



As you can see, the ceiling of our hallway follows our roof line – this is obviously a before/mid-project image. The ceiling and woodwork needs to be painted, then I’ll remove the red painted wallpaper and see if the plaster walls are good enough to leave in the raw.

Here’s a close up of our $10 Art Deco-era light fixture which was rewired and had a chain/plate added before it was hung.



Again, because this photo was taken mid-project, the plate was unscrewed so I can paint under it. Once the wallpaper is down, I’ll upload more images so you can see for yourself what the plaster looks like.

Future Plans for Reclaimed Tin

photo (4)

Shon and I went to a closeout sale of a local architectural salvage business and found several pieces of reclaimed tin that we plan to use when we finish our basement. Although it may be a year or two before our project begins, we are using the time wisely looking for elements to use in finishing the space. For example, the tin with a brick-like pattern will probably be used to cover a wall or two in our basement bathroom.



The Perfect Valentine


My husband gave me this book for Valentines – it is a great look at common flea market finds around the World – and includes nifty decorating ideas. This is the perfect gift for me, as I LOVE to read decor magazines as well as decorate with vintage finds.

I recently wrote an article for SHE magazine titled,  Beyond Roses, Shon definitely went beyond roses this Valentines – and long after I would have thrown the flowers out, this book will continue to provide inspiration!




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