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Making a list and checking it twice.

With only a few days left before my journey to Rapid City for the Antiques Roadshow, I’ve been making a list of what I need to pack.

First, I need to think of everything an 18-month-old needs. Parker will be making the 5 hour trek with me on Friday. Although I’ve traveled cross country with Parker several times now, it has mostly been either short distances, with Shon or via plane. This will be the second longest road trip I’ve made alone with Parker. The first was last summer to visit one of my best girlfriends and her baby daughter in K.C. What was supposed to be an easy 5.5 hour drive turned into a 10-hour drive due to the flooding in Iowa and Nebraska. Although completely worth it, driving alone with a 5-month-old for 10 hours was VERY DIFFICULT!

Then I need to pack camping gear – or actually just sheets, sleeping bags and outdoor cooking items. We’re staying in the Custer Lodge Campground – cabins were under $40 a night and they have heat and air – couldn’t ask for more! I think I’ll wait to buy groceries until we get to Hot Springs. My mom and her husband, Carl will meet us there. Carl is bringing his bike, I’m packing Parker’s bike trailer and they’ll explore some trails while my mom and I enjoy the experience. 

And of course my two items. I’m going to see if I can put the framed print in a large bag and I’ll wear my necklace. I know we’ll be standing in line for quite a while and I don’t want to be uncomfortable.

I’ll let you know if I forget anything!

Tickets in hand & Items selected

I almost threw my tickets away!

They came in an unmarked, junk-mail-looking envelope, and fortunately, when I was just beginning to wonder if they’d ever arrive, Fritz Miller at SDPB mentioned they would come in just such an envelope – so they didn’t get tossed.

The tickets are beautiful – with a gold embossed trunk – I feel like I’ve won the lottery! On each ticket are directions that let attendees know what they can’t bring to the Antiques Roadshow – the list is simple, but a little confusing, “Vehicles, stamps, paper currency, coins, bicycles, fossils and glass fire extinguishers cannot be appraised.” Huh!

Since none of my items fall into those categories, of all the items on my list to consider, I’ve decided to bring the pre-production Hatch Show Print poster of Zeke Clements and the gold necklace charm from my grandma. I’m going to see if I can’t get some history on the necklace before I go.

The countdown begins!

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